Process finished due to no more transaction data Level 3

Hey guys! I completed task 2 of level 3 but my process only loads 13 seconds and the message appears in the output: Process finished due to no more transaction data. Help me please! No error appears and I can’t identify where I went wrong


There may be two chances to get failed here.

  1. It didn’t scrape data properly.
  2. You are not passing Arguments properly.
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I’m new to uipath and can’t find where I went wrong. Where I did not assign the data correctly and pass the arguments correctly. Can you take a look at what I did and point out the error? If you can …


Could you please run the workflow in Debug mode and check it where it went wrong.

And also keep Message Box or Log Message activities and try to print scrapped values results or its count to get to know whether it scrapped results properly or not.


This is the result when I run in debug mode.
I believe that from the possibilities you raised, the problem is not related to the variables
and / or arguments, as I successfully ran the same version of the stream that I now run.

Follows the image of the execution of the flow and the translation of the messages because my UiPath is in Portuguese / Brazil.



Debugging started for the project: GenerateYearlyReportPerformer
Killing processes…
No Transaction Data
Process finished due to no more transaction data
Closing applications…
GenerateYearlyReportPerformer execution terminated in: 00:00:16

Muito obrigado pela ajuda.

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Are you using Orchestrator Queues ?

If yes then check it once any Queue items are there or not as Status New.

And also I can see you didn’t run in Debug mode.

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