Get the link from gmail body

Can anyone help me to get the link form Gmail.
i m not able to get extract the link form the mail body

Please check this post


1.Read the mail using Get IMAP mail message.
2. Use for each mail and use item.body.tostring
3. Store the above output in a variable and apply below regex.
4. (?<=href=\")(.+?)(?=\)
5. The output is link.

Hi @anil5
Sorry that I’m such a newbie, can not follow your instruction…
I’m using Get Mail Messages from Gmail,
ForEach item in gmail, when trying to Assign mailbody = item.body.tostring, got an error “Option Strict On not allow…”
Meanwhile, regex is not declared, how can i use it to apply?
Can you help me with a sample,
Thank you very much.