Get the default activity Name

When we use UiPath in-built Analyze Project, we can check if default activity name has been used or not.

I am trying to achive that using custom code… is there a way to get default name of all the activities without defining it in the code?

For example UiPath must be taking that data from somewhere for code analyzing activity?

Any help will be appreciated

Are you writing a custom Worflow Analyzer Rule?
if so, then you can retrieve it from the model and use the Property representing the Default Name

Thank you for quick reply… can you please help with sample code?

it depends on your details (e.g. the level project, workflow, activity)

However we encourage you to enable / doing

  • remote debugging on your rule / a debuggable hello world rule
  • using the type definition of the activity / type and check for its Display Name Attribute as it should give us the default name