How to access display name and properties of in built activities while creating custom rule

I am trying to create a custom rule by accessing its activities’ display name and properties.
Can anyone help me with sample code for the same.

for learning writing rules we can recommend following:

  • write a hello world rule
  • setup a remote debugging session
  • debug the hello world rule, get it paused by a breakpoint
  • analyse the different option / try sample statements while using e.g. the immediate panel

when working with a variable e.g. representing an activity we can explore e.g. by activityToInspect.DisplayName

Mat you please help me with sample code which can be used in visual studio

HI @Divyanshu_Divyanshu

Have a look on the document


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We would recommend to start with as described here:

kindly note:


from sample code shows on how to access the display name