Get Text OCR Error

When I select text using Get Text Ocr, it throws an error. I don’t know the actual cause of the error. I have attached the screenshot of the error. If anyone knows the solution please help me. It’s urgent.
Get TextOcr activity

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Hi @Amit_Kumar_Charde

Did try using the omnipage OCR?


Yes, I tried this too but the same thing repeats.

did you try upgrading your project dependencies?

Yes, all the things are fully updated.

can you check in the imports tab if you have those imports there?

Yes all the imports are present in my import tab


In my environment, the following steps solved this issue. Can you try this?

First, put GetTextOCR and TesseractOCR. Error will be shown.

Then, clear Image property of TesseractOCR

Next, retype Image at Image property. Error will disappear.



Thanks, Yoichi. This one fixed my error… :+1:

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