Get text from screen and create a loop

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I’m automating a process, it consists in sort files by recent date to older (they’re storaged in a server and i need to select only the files from yesterday, copy them and paste them in my local storage), i’m trying to use an “if” element, but my problem is how to teach the robot to identify the date, select the file, copy and paste it and go to the next file until date is not “today”.

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Hi @Rober_Olmos,

Kindly check the attached example and tell us if it is what you need. It’s getting the files from a specific directory and when the creation date was from the previous day (current date - 1); it copies this file to another location.

Main.xaml (10.8 KB)

Screenshot sample:

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Thanks @acaciomelo.

In deed that’s almost what i need but the difference is that I log in a server using a special interface, similar to windows explorer, and i need to select each file (created yesterday) and drag them to a local folder, but the attached file you sent helps me a lot.

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Hi @Rober_Olmos,

I’m glad to hear that. Thank you.