Get text activity and click activity failing for second transaction

Aaname will change for every transaction.we have to click that particular text which is there in aaname selector.Can anyone please help?


So if the aaname keep on changing we can use wild cards to make dynamic…

If we’re getting the text from a variable to click we can pass that variable here

So, Your aaname={{Variable}}


Hello @vnsatyasunil,

Go into the Selectors for the click and replace the aaname with what you’re attempting to click with a variable (right click the aaname when in UiPath selectors).

This will make it dynamic and it should be able to click, as a warning with doing this, it will never validate with a variable in the selectors.

Hope this helps,


Same way i have passed get text output to ckick activity selector.for 2 nd transaction it is failing


Open the selectors in UiExplorer and paste the snap here…

Will look in to it…

Have you tried in Debug mode ?


For get text activity,output is text.
For click i used output in aaname selector

For 2nd transaction it is failing


Could you please open this with the UiExplorer and show us the Selectors?

Can we check the Attributes which is having TableRow?

We need to finetune the selectors then only we can get to know

do like this:

Click on the first element copy the selectors paste it in Notepad
Click on the second element copy the selectors and paste it in Notepad…

Now check the selectors which part of the selectors are changing?

Then we can change according to that…