Get specific text from PDF

Hello - Does anyone know the best way to read specific text within a PDF? I read through a few of the other questions around this here but none of them really deal with my scenario.

I am downloading a PDF from a web page and need to open that particular PDF to get a unique ID within the PDF and use that as the name to save the PDF into a specific folder. The PDF is opened with Adobe when I download and the I am going to File - Save As - and using the unique ID contained within the PDF. Does that make sense?

You can read that pdf using the activity and then use regex to get the specific text.


if that unique id is visible when the PDF is opened then we can get from
–GET TEXT \if the pdf is accessible with individual elements
–SCREEN SCRAPPING WITH OCR \if the pdf is not accessible with individual elements
–with ANCHOR BASE with a common term for that unique id as anchor and it can be found with FIND IMAGE on left side and in right side of anchor base we can use SCREEN SCRAPPING or GET TEXT activity
–we can use COMPUTER VISION Activities as well
–as suggested we can use READ PDF or READ PDF with OCR activities and get the string variable as input and get the required string using string manipulation or regex method

–once after getting the string value we can use that while saving the file
we can save that file with new name even with MOVE FILE activity where in the Path property mention the file path of the file and in DESTINATION mention the folderpath+newfilename+".pdf"

Cheers @Bob2


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