Get Specific subject on Get exchange mail

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i have some small issue in my program, need your expert comment/Support on that, i am going to take decision after fetching the email through exchange mail with specific subject,
I WANT if subject will found then he send me message box with “founded” if not then message “not found”
Let take example if we have 2 unread email, Program will fetching the first unread mail which does no have same subject what i need he send me meesga “NOT Found” then after fetching the 2nd email where he found the subject he runs that, but i want that why it run on first time when he did not found the subject, here is the screen shot




i just needs that he just check the all unread email if specific subject exist then he send me message instead of send me two message, first not found then found

Use Filter Property.

“[subject]=‘Uipath demo’”

If you have any emails then you will get the mail message else it would be empty

Hi @Khawaja_Junaid

use Get Outlook Mail Message activity in the Filter properties assign below code

@SQL= (urn:schemas:httpmail:subject Like ‘Your comments’)