Get specific Excel column values based on one column

Hi Friends,

I have an excel sheet with multiple client data and specific values. Please find the screenshot below

Based on client name(For ex, for the client AMSI in column A, I want to get the ADLD value which is DIFF value (D column)
similarly, for the client Cantik, I want to get both column A values that are under Cantik client and respective DIFF values(Column D) and so on…

I am unable to get the respective client values because the client names are in vertical order. Is there any way to filter to get client wise data?

Please help me on how to get Clientwise Column A values and respective DIFF values
@balupad14 @Palaniyappan

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @eshwarsai_ks,

Please share the excel if possible

Please find attached file copy.

Test_Dec01.xlsx (406.9 KB)

Hi @eshwarsai_ks

Check this xaml Main.xaml (15.4 KB)


Thank you @aanandsanraj I will check and get back to you

Thank you very much @aanandsanraj it was working well.

Hi @aanandsanraj I have another excel file where I need to get client-wise DIFF values. The problem is there are two DIFF columns and I want to get two DIFF values for the respective clients.

But the challenging part is DIFF columns position will change for some clients. PLease find the attached file below. the attached excel file has different structure.

Test_Dec02.xlsx (53.3 KB)

Please find the attached excel file for your reference suggest me how to get those two DIFF values for the respective clients like the one you have done for the yesterday file.

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