Get Queue Items 100 record limit

What is the best practice to loop through all queue transactions with a given reference?

The limit of the Get Queue Items activity to 100 records prevents that solution, and Get Transaction items doesn’t provide a filter on reference.


Also, Get Transaction Items can only read New queue items. I’d like to loop through all queue items with a given reference with status “In Progress, Successful, Failed”.

Have you found any solution? if yes, can you share.
I am currently facing the same issue.

I did find a solution. Use activity Get Queue Items. Pagination (skip and top), and Reference (Starts with) your queue reference. You can step through 100 items at a time, keep an index of where you are and read the next 100 (Starts with) up to your max. It’s fairly straightforward to code. My solution is wrapped inside the scope of a business solution and difficult to extract, it will be best to code this logic so you can see how it functions.


Thank you worked well!

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