Get public IP Address

How to get a public IP address?

Do you want to get your own WAN address or from another client? Please provide more info
from your own client:

Thanks for responce. I want to get text from here, and store it from variable

What have you tried so far? because this is a pretty basic thing.
attach or open browser, get text (output to variabele) and return the value in a log message or message box

Hi @Chris_King_Baniqued,
Use Http Request activity and pass the URL as end point. The response will be the IP address.

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I already did that, and it works. But my question is, Is there other way to get that without opening a browser and using a get text activity. Like in python just one line: ip_address = get(β€˜’).text

Try it like shankm says. That should work fine. Maybe try to give a bit more info in your opening post next time. We don’t know what you already have tried yet.

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You got it men. Thanks :slight_smile:httprequest

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