Get Path.GetFilename for InputDialog


I want to read my file names without a path. I created a .xaml in which I read all the files with a path. But I would like the selection to take place without a path.

Directory.GetFiles(Pfad,“*.xlsx”).Select(Path.GetFileName(Pfad.ToString)) have I tested too.

FileName read and choose.xaml (7.7 KB)

give a try on
Directory.GetFiles(Pfad,“*.xlsx”).Select(function (x) Path.GetFileName(x)).toArray

the returned array you can use for the options field of the input Dialog

Hello @Crusha

Use the Directory.GetFiles(Path,“*.xlsx”) in for each activity

then use message box or Write Line activity

and pass the below method.


try this


thanks! this works perfect!


thanks you too!

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