Get Outlook Message Email Categories

Hello, I am attempting to get outlook email messages and filtering based on categories so that the only emails that get read are the ones with categories. However I need to filter with 25 categories and UiPath only allows 20 before you error out. Is there a way to filter on the categories with something like [Categories] IS NOT NULL type of solution?

Thanks for any help.

Hi srobey888,
You can find more information and filtering examples aboutGet Outlook Mail Messages activity in the following link.


Thank you Jose, but that solution only works with less than 20 categories. It will not work for my use case.

Hi @srobey888

Try this method.

  1. Create a DataTable with columns like Subject, Body, Sender, ReceivedTime, and Categories.
  2. In the Filter property, use an empty string or a basic filter that retrieves all the emails you need.
  3. Use the For Each activity to iterate through each retrieved email and use Add Data Row activity to add the data (e.g., Subject, Body, Sender, ReceivedTime, Categories) to the datatable.
  4. Use filter activity to filter the categories on the datatable after for each.

Hope it helps.


check the thread

Hello, I know this has helped for other people. When I run the file it says The Operation failed.

use this one
“[From] = ‘’ OR [From] = ‘’”

one of the sample video how to filter.

thank you

Thank you for this. I have implemented this, but for some reason the filter activity is getting the categories and blanks when I just want the categories

share the screenshots will provide the solution