Get Outlook Mail Messages Date Filter Issue

For the activity, I used the Filter

" [ReceivedTime] >= '“+ RangeStart +”'AND[ReceivedTime] <= ‘“+ RangeEnd +”’"

However, when I input RangeStart=13-10-2020 and RangeEnd=14-10-2020, it cannot get any email.

Is there any problem for my filter?

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When I futher check, the first part ( [ReceivedTime] >= ‘“+ RangeStart +”’) work normally, but the second part ([ReceivedTime] <= ‘“+ RangeEnd +”’) only show the result less than RangeEnd instead of lessthan and equal.

I think it’s because RangeEnd is set to “14-10-2020 00:00:00”
So “[ReceivedTime] <= RangeEnd” Contains no mails received in 14-10-2020

Thanks a lot !

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