Get OCR Activity Error!

Facing issue while scanning image using get OCR activity

Message: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector.
Is there a particular path where I have to place the image currently its in downloads.

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That error means that one of the selectors that you have generated is invalid at the time the robot runs. You have told the robot to look for a specific item and it is unable to find that item.

–Kindly check once whether the get ocr activity is placed inside a attach window or attach browser (if inside a browser) is used
–also make sure that the selector is valid and also replace the dynamic values of each attribute with wildcards like *
–and we can find the dynamic part of values in a selector by selecting the element for one time, make a note of that selector in a notepad and close the application and take again the selector for that element on reopening and make a note of that selector to a notepad, we can find the difference in the selector along any of the attribute values
replace it with * so that it can take any dynamic part of values

Hope this would help you
Cheers @shubhijori0101

@Palaniyappan: Thanks for the troubleshooting steps but m very new to RPA hence unable to get this.
As of now the structure is:-

Please assist

@Palaniyappan: Here is the complete error:-