How to check column data if it Null or not

Please i want to know how to check the data in one colum in excell sheet , if it s null or not

Hi @FranckOlivier

Please follow the below steps:

  1. Read Excel file
  2. Apply Loop using For each row activity
  3. Inside “If” activity you just have to check this condition-
    row.item(“ColumnName”).ToString = “”



You can also use the condition “row(“Column”).ToString = nothing” in ‘if activity’.
If you have more than one column to check, append the conditions with an ‘or’ statement. ie, row(“Column1_Name”).ToString = nothing or row(“Column2_Name”).ToString = nothing etc.

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I think we need to check the row.item(“ColumnName”) is Null or not at first, otherwise it will cause NullException.

Thanks guy