Get Multiple UI elements from one selector

Is there a way to say get all elements that match a selector? Like get all UI Elements that have the class “xyz” for example. Our webpage is very dynamic, and not under our control, so we can’t reliably use get children

in general a selector should find only 1 element
for getting multiple elements the find children activity is used for

Like I said, I can’t use find children, all the elements I need aren’t children of one tag.

yes but as also answered:

maybe you can tell us moe about your case and whats the issue with find children? Thanks

I need to get all elements that have class=“xyz”. so I can loop through them and continue the process I need to run.

A filter <webctrl class='YourClassName' /> and find scope set to find_descendants maybe can help. Did you try?

in other cases we also can work on help with XML/XPAth Approaches to get at least the relevant elements