Get Multiple column values belongs to another column value

Hi All,

I need some help with the below problem.

My data has Column A and Column B. One row value in Column A has many Column B values. I need loop through Unique Column A values and get Column B values belongs to unique Column A value. please screenshot below for example:

3025 in Column A has 7 records in Column B. I need to plug these 7 records in web application for further processing.

Hello, I had a problem very Similar, just one question what about the empty rows, do they belong to the above number?

I will remove the rows which are empty in Column A

Ok, Use a For each and store the values from the column B in List, then Add the Value from column A and the List in a new table, a the end clean the List and repeat the steps, if you want I can create a workflow I just need the Excel File

Here is the sample excel. Thanks
Book1.xlsx (9.4 KB)

A Friend shared with me his solution, let me know if you have question

One Value wih Multiple Values.xaml (9.4 KB)

(From row In dt_Main_Table
Group By ValueA = row(“Column A”).ToString Into grp=Group
Let ValueB = Join(grp.Select(Function(s) s(“Column B”).ToString).ToArray, ", ")
Select dt_Result_Table.Rows.Add({ValueA, ValueB})).CopyToDataTable