Get Mail (365 scope) not finding email even though it's clearly there

Per the log, this is the query being used:

emailQuery: contains(subject,‘RET05908’) and contains(body/content,‘default processing date of 06/02/2023’)

The email is clearly there in the inbox:

This is an intermittent problem and I have not found a solution. Most of the time it works just fine. This is happening today in production and when I run the automation from Studio against a QA mailbox. I thought maybe the issue was that the email was received a few days ago so I forwarded it back to the mailbox as a test. It still failed to find the email.

I removed the 06/02/2023 part of the body/content filter so it only looks for “default processing date of” and it worked. If I put just the date then it doesn’t work. I tried escaping the / with a \ before each one and that didn’t work. I tried wildcards so the date is 06*02*2023 and it didn’t work. I tried forwarding the email and manually retyping the text “default processing date of 06/02/2023” and it didn’t work. The issue is clearly that it doesn’t see the 06/02/2023 even though when I take out the filter and loop through the emails that text is clearly there in the body.

I’m stumped. Again, this works most days.

Turns out this is actually incorrect. It finds older emails including from 06/01/2023, but it doesn’t find the one from 06/02/2023. It’s like the body/content filter existing at all makes the email invisible to the filter.