RE framework logging issues for Application Exception


I’m experiencing some issues with RE framework while logging. For Successful and Business exception transactions, all the fields are getting logged.

But in case of application exceptions, fields are getting logged in “Process Transaction” workflow but not in “Main” workflow.

Does anyone know is that by design and there is some bug or if it’s the expected behavior ?

For example, this is My Process Transaction

And this is logging in Main:

And, this is what I’m seeing at the logs:


Here we could see that value for “TransactionField1” was captured and logged in “process Transaction” workflow, but did not got logged in the “Main” workflow

Hello @malhotraneha162000 ,

I think in above Screenshot TransactionField1 and TransactionField2 are variables defined within the Process.xaml file and their scope is process sequence.
But the log activity is in catch block that is in Main.xaml file.
So changing process.xaml variables TransactionField1 and TransactionField2 into arguments of type In/Out will solve above problem.

Thank you,
Poorna M

Variables are defined in “Main” workflow

and, passed onto “Process Transaction” workflow as “OUT” variable

Also, as I already mentioned before, Logging works fine with success and business exception transactions, which clearly indicates variables have been defined properly.

Whenever process throws exception (AE) or you force process to throw exception (BE), workflow fails to return argument values to called workflow. (I have no idea how its returning for you in case of BE.)
To solve this initialise variables with some flag value and pass it as In/Out argument to invoking workflow. At the end (Catch block in your case) check whether returned values are updated.

Poorna M