Get items from excel column in groups

Hi, currently I have an excel file with a column like this:

I would need to copy and paste those items to a website, but the website only allows 20 items each time, how can I achieve this?


The following post will help you. Can you try the following sample with chunk size 20 and use ForEachRow inside ForEach.


Hi, is there anyway to copy 20 once instead of looping it one by one?


How about the following? (9.3 KB)


Hi @Joanne_Chang_LAX

Grouping the rows means in which format you want it in. You want in concatenating all the 20 rows as one string. Give the proper format you want then we will give you the better solution.

Hope it helps!!

Hi, sorry for bothering, but when I tried implementing this, when my file has less then the amount I wanted, it still repeated the process twice, do you know the possible reason to this?

So I have this column

and for this one I’m aiming for 50, so I did

but when I tried to do the message box, the same message box popped out twice, despite it shouldn’t be needing to repeat.


Can you elaborate with specific sample?


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