Need help in excel automation

Hi Everyone, I’m facing an issue in excel action. i’m attaching my excel for reference in that i have mentioned my INPUT and Required OUTPUT. Can anyone help me to solve this issue.

Split Excel.xlsx (12.9 KB)

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you can read excel file and split first cell with new line as arrry and write that array into sheet. same as you do for other cell as well

Hi @sandeep13 New line array means how? I’m not sure about it

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suppose you read excel file and output as datatable. below code give arrry
here 0 means first row index

.028 (182) - 10.80
.028 (2868) - 123.30
Y0001 - 2,225.12

ok @sandeep13 let me try this

@sandeep13 this i’m not getting it is not working for me


Can yo try the following?

arrDt = dt.AsEnumerable.Select(Function(r) Tuple.Create(r(0).ToString.Split(vbCrlf.ToCharArray,Stringsplitoptions.RemoveEmptyEntries),System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches(r(1).ToString,"\w+"))).Select(Function(t) Enumerable.Range(0,if(t.item1.Count>t.item2.Count,t.item1.Count,t.item2.Count)).Select(Function(i) dt.Clone.LoadDataRow({if(i<t.item1.Count,t.item1(i),""),if(i<t.item2.Count,t.item2(i).Value,"")},False) ).CopyToDataTable).ToArray

This returns array of DataTable. Then write them to each sheet using ForEach as the following.


Hope this help you.


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Hi @Yoichi ARRDT is Array of string right data type


arrDt is Array of DataTable ( DataTable[] )


@Yoichi when i use Array of string it is showing error to me




Thanks @Yoichi it is working. Just have a small doubt in read range how you got this IDX , is that any counter variable or you took any other


Yes, it’s counter.
Can you try to create Int32 variable named idx, then set it at Index property of ForEach?


@Yoichi just need some info in that code where you specified column index actually if i want to modify in future means it will be helpful because my excel having other data also


If you want to modify output datatable, need to modify the following expression

In the above case, as structure of input and output is same, use dt.Clone. If you need to other structure, create other empty datatable, then use it like otherDt.Clone. Then add each item as argument of LoadDataRow.


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Ok Thanks @Yoichi


FYI, I’ll attach workflow without LINQ as the following. (13.1 KB)


@Yoichi ,

In “Write Range” Activity you mentioned about “idx.ToString”.

Can you please explain me this line???

Thanks & Regards,
Nirmalya Sarkar

Noticed it hadn’t been answered. Seems someone wanted the range from the data table to be written to different sheets on the workbook. The idx is likely a number or integer. “Idx” is probably defined in the loop over the data tables. The ToString converts it to text since the sheet must be expressed in text form.

Guess I didn’t spend enough time on this to understand why multiple days tables are even needed… It seems odd.

Honestly you may be able to omit the ToString since it is being appended to another string (text). Often code tooling may handle some conversions for you; otherwise, explicitly ToStringing it is needed.

Thanks @Yoichi this is working for me i can understand this code completely. Thank you so much for the solution