Get Input Arguments in Robot.js

In the robot API, which can be used through the robot.js SDK, there seems to be no possibility to get input arguments for a process. One can only supply i.e. a json to a process and hope that that was the correct input, but there are situations where one would first want to know what arguments a process can handle before invoking a process.

One possible Use Case:
There is an Application, which enables a user to start a UIPath process. This Application uses the Robot API through robot.js to invoke processes. There is no way for the Application to know, if a process has input arguments, thus those would either have to be specified by user (which would be challenging) or the application would have to assume some sort of standard arguments, which would then require the processes to only use these standard arguments.

Concrete Request:
Create an endpoint in the robot API, which enables to request input arguments of a process, or include this information in the existing get processes endpoint.

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It would be nice to have the ability read out the arguments.
Maybe @loginerror can suggest this feature to the product manager :wink:.


Thanks, I added it to the tracker for our Robot team to have a look.