UiRobot.exe execute --input

Good day,

I am trying to learn UiRobot.exe but I don’t understand --input. The help says

–input “{‘inArg’:‘value’,‘integer’:3}”

But I am not sure how to collate that with what I see in the Studio. I go to the input in studio and I do not see what parameters I am suppose to pass.

Question: How can I find the correct input parameters from looking inside Studio?

An help is greatly appreciated

This would be referring to the Input Argument to your Project / Main XAML. You can see them in the Arguments panel within Studio.

This would be the same arguments when creating a process or triggering a job in Orchestrator.

Thank you for the response. I am uploading a simple “Hello World” project. When you run it, it will prompt you for your name, in my case “David” then it will do a message box, “Hello David”. I want to run the example from the command line and pass “David” in --input but don’t know how. For example how to get the following command line to work:

UiRobot execute --file G:\Scripting\HelloWorld\Main.xaml --input “{‘Name’:‘David’}”

Any help is greatly appreciated!

HelloWorld.zip (1.1 MB)