Get Index Row from a DataRow, not a Datatable n

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Hello Everyone,
I use the Framework Template, and here in the first stage i extract DataTable from a Excel File and transform in DataRow. The problem appear when I need the Index Number from a DataRow. Without a loop. Please Help.

Hi @Naveen.Ch,
Can you describe a little the process in which you need to get current index number of a row?

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Hi @Pablito

Thank you for your response ,
I need to transform from data table in DataRow because i work with FrameWork Template and if you rememeber i need to transform the DataTable in DataRow to take every time a row and process him, not in a loop. I hope you understand.

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Try this:

int index = TransactionData.Rows.IndexOf(TransactionItem)+2

hi @lakshman

thanks for the response i am not getting autosuggestion .rows.index

because it is alraedy converted into datarow i am adding the data into queues for refrence i have to add index to update the status in excel in performer


Here, TransactionData = your input dataTable
TransactionItem = one data row from data table


hi @lakshman
can i get any sample workflow


Please find the attached workflow. It is for reference purpose only. Based on this you can develop it.

GetTransactionData.xaml (9.4 KB)

still not getting bro


It should be greater than zero right .


i am filtering the data and adding into queues bro