Get Index Row from a DataRow, not a Datatable

Hello Everyone,
I use the Framework Template, and here in the first stage i extract DataTable from a Excel File and transform in DataRow. The problem appear when I need the Index Number from a DataRow. Without a loop. Please Help.

Hi @Ionut_Istrate

you transform DataTable into DataRow[] it’s an array of DataRows, if you want to access items in a dataRow[]
you will use the same logic of accessing items in DataTable meaning

YouDataRowArray(0)(0) will give you the first item of the first row.

Reda Marzouk

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Thank you Reda, for your answer, but it give me the first element from Excel, and i need the index…
I send you a piece of my project to see how i am doing (9.5 KB)

Do you want the index meaning the Column Number?

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No, the row number i want

is this what you need? (9.6 KB)


EDIT: To get index of particular datarow in datatable use

index = dt.Rows.IndexOf(datarow)


Thank you J0ska. It works, but i need to do this without a For loop, because i use the FrameWorkTemplate, where i take the DataRow from GetTransactionData and process in the Process Stage…

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Not clear…
Why do you transform DataTable into array of DataRow?
What for do you need the index?

Thank you for your response J0ska, but from your solution i find mine. :slight_smile: I need to transform in DataRow because i work with FrameWork Template and if you rememeber i need to transform the DataTable in DataRow to take every time a row and process him, not in a loop. I hope you understand. The point is that i know now the solution. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your responses and a good day to all! :slight_smile:

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