Get IMAP Mail Messagess

@Yurdanur_Yusuf I think You are providing wrong password or wrong method.

according to my research i need to open this place
but the feature is not available

@Yurdanur_Yusuf If you have password in secure String, please convert it through this expression,

new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, secureStr).Password

how can I do it

have a look on this to access the gmail without facing these kind of issues.

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Hi @Yurdanur_Yusuf

if you have turned on two step verification then follow the steps for IMAP

  1. port number 993
  2. server:
  3. your mailID and for password click on your account profile—>manage your google account—>security–>select app password and generate your password then use that in password property

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If you have password in secure String ->suppose you have Variable “UsrPassword”
then put this expression in

new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, UsrPassword).Password

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thank you
I did

@Yurdanur_Yusuf are you still facing issue?

no, it’s done

@Yurdanur_Yusuf please mark solution and close thread so others can get help from it.

please mark like this.

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