Gmail automation imap

can anyone please help

Hi there @Varun_Dharni

Try keeping the encryption/security certificate drop-down on the properties panel as “NONE” and try sending mail or getting IMAP details again.

Get back if any issues persist :slight_smile:

1 Thanks for quick response still getting the error

also please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here.

Can you check your server address? And if this is your personal email then you will have to toggle the security settings to ‘allow technology/external software to access your account’ for the same.

Also, if you need all mail messages then your email and password field are empty then how would the tool know from where to fetch messages from?

Make these changes and get back :slight_smile:

Thanks again , I am trying to read my personal gmail account… I am not sure what do you mean by " allow technology/external software to access your account’ can you please share me a flow how do I alllow this to happen within gmail .

Email and password are not empty but have the same name as given in properties. Not sure if you are referring to this !!!

Please help

I have done the change in security settings as being guided but still the same issue.

also please see email and password fields are not empty, variables of same name are assigned,

Hello everybody, I´m new here and I´m trying to create a bot which log into my gmail acc scan the subjects and download them into a folder on my desktop. There are no errors but my folder ist everytime empty :smiley: do u have any idea why? I need this for my bachelor thesis thank a lot
best greets from Germany

*the attached documents

Any one who is still reading this thread, this may help:

Hello Varun,
In this video I use Gmail with IMAP:

Cristian Negulescu