Get IMAP Mail Message Filter Property

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I m using Get IMAP Mail Message Filter Property to receive mails

Filtering on subject by using "“SUBJECT ““Welcome”” FROM

How to use a variable in place of welcome and

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May be we can get the mailmessage first and then filter it with a simple assign activity like this

say your mailmessage variable name is out_mailmessage

Then use a assign activity like with your variable you want to use instead of welcome and the mail I’d

out_mailmessage = out_mailmessage.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(a) a.Subject.ToString.Contains(variable_1.ToString) AND a.Subject.ToString.Contains(variable_2.ToString)).ToList()

Variable_1 and variable_2 are your variables where you can pass the value for welcome and mail I’d

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Yes with this I m getting the solution but instead of all this if I get to add variable in the filter property than it would be more easy.

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Fine then

Try like this

“Subject “+ variable_1.ToString + “From “+ variable_2.ToString

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