Get Hyperlinks from word documents

I have a word document, and i wish to extract the Hyperlinked text and the embedded hyperlink for the same text in an excel. How would i achieve that:


Word document file: “Please click here to go to”. The word “here” has an embedded hypelink for the website.

In the excel i need two columns. First column with the text (which is “here” is this case) and second column with the weblink (the embedded text)

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This link and the sample code provided doesn’t help much. It does give a way to pull the links, but only when they are preceded by http or https.

I am looking for extraction of hyperlinks and embedded links in a word file.

Hi @Abhishek_Agarwal,
Need more Information

I believe the info needed is provided in the first point, where the issue is raised. Let me know what other information is required.

hi @Abhishek_Agarwal,
Try this once.getHyperlinks.xaml (7.9 KB)

This is not helping. Let me try to give more information.

I have below three lines of text in a word doc.

Click here to access Google
Click here to access Microsoft

The words “here” are hyperlinks and have embedded links for google and microsoft

The workflow you provided shows only the last line as the result. However, what i need is an excel with all 3 hyperlinks and respective embedded links.

Hope this is more clear now.

Common UIpath Experts… Please get me an answer

Hi @Abhishek_Agarwal,

Have a look on this post, you could given hyperlink onto your clipboard and use System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard.GetText(System.Windows.Forms.TextDataFormat.html) Your hyperlink address will become exposed and you would be able to parse it using for example regex (many example on this on the Forum)