Get hidden text under button using data scraping

I have data in pattern form of job portal.which contain name,designation,current company, for different different candidate. but problem is here to see the phone number of different -2 candidate in pattern data i have to click on button then it show number under it.So in data scraping how i get the data also hidden phone number under button for every candidate.
'please help

You can try find children activity and then use get attribute to get phone number.

See these

In above example they have shown to get names in the same way you can get Phone numbers and other attributes as well


Hi @Sandeep_Kumar2,

I am also facing the same issue. Did you find the solution of the above query?

If yes, then please guide what needs to be done.


Hi @surbhi

You could also try running a quick routine for the robot to click on all fields to uncover the value. It is hard to tell which approach would best without seeing the actual website.