Get hardware ID string


I need to generate unique string which exactly identifies hardware of the machine where robot runs. Doesn’t matter on the string length, important is hardly repeatable combination on the any other machine. Combination of bigger amount of HW parameters is welcome.

I’ve found some packages at the store, but I din’t found how to use any of them from the UI Path activities level. Anybody who can help me with example? Thanks!


Hi @mm11,

use this to get your hardware info:

Then get terminal activities to get screan area to get all info or use what you whant from there :slight_smile:

Hi Luis,

Thanks for your idea. This method isn’t so elegant and quick as I expected, but works.


@ mm11 sometimes dont need to be elegant :slight_smile: need to work :slight_smile:


this is the result which looks simple and quick for use with any cmd command:

Invoke Powershell returns collection of strings, each representing one line of cmd reply, which can be simply joined to one.

Thanks for guidance to the right path :slight_smile:


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