Get Full Text Activity Is Not Working

Hii, In the updated 2023 version of UI Path, Get Full Text is not working properly. In some applications it is working well but giving inaccurate results in other applications.

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Hi @Ayush_Das_Purkayastha ,

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It would be good if you can share the sample Input and the output you have received . Also try updating the Input methods to Native and see.


Thanks for replying. I attached the scrrenshots which can be found below. Kindly check the given screenshots.

What is your objective of using the getFull text Here Meaning - what do you want to do

If the Intend is to select an item from Dropdown - Use Select Item Activity , Also to get all these values - we can use Find Children activity as well. Sharing a video for the same.

Thanks for the solution. I will try working with Select Item Activity. Actually, I am learning how to use UI Path and its various functions. So, I was exploring Screen Scraping method when I came across this error.That is why, I posted this on the forum.

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Awesome , Once your Query is resolved - Please Mark the Solution and Close the Thread.

Happy Learning.


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