Get first empty row in excel regardless of other empty rows

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I am trying to get the next empty row number or cell in excel regardless of if there are other empty/non-empty cells after. Attached is a snapshot of the file, I am trying to get row 5.
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Screenshot 2020-11-03 211754


You can use For Each Row and in properties declare a variable for index

Now inside For Each Row place a IF condition give condition as below
row(“Name”).ToString = " "

Declare a Variable as below
RowCount = cint(index+1).ToString
If you don’t want to continue further then place a break

Hope this helps you


find starter help here:
GetIndex_RowsWithBlanks_AllCols.xaml (6.8 KB)

getting the first index can be done by accessing the first element from arrBlankIndex
e.g. arrBlankIndex(0), just check if it is not empty/null

Thank you, this worked!

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