Get file: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send uipath

Hi ,
I am getting this error when i am using sharepoint activities to get file from the site
I have my package updated and are upto date .
any solution.

do u have access to share point, have u logged in to it with ur credentials manually?

Hi @Seema_S
I am able to perform the actions manually

Okay, but did u use the - sharepoint application scope ? i dont know how u did, will share the information of how i did it

i am sharing a screenshot.
Have a look

1st get the sharepont scredentials from the orchestrator


Hi ,
The same code is running from different machine but when I am trying to run the same from other machine it is throwing this error.
I have checked manually from the machine I am trying to run it is working fine
I have used the sharepoint application Scope

is the package used is same on all machines?, are u running it from Orchestrator?

@seema ,
yes the package is same and I am running from orchestrator

May be you need to check with the Infra team.

you may need to do some work around ,like:
hope same orchestrator url.?
password change?
Check the log files once, compare it with the other machines logs at the same point(get file).
Give some delay before get file
is there any network issue?
also check the uipath versions/reinstall
SSL/TLS secure channel - you may need to check with Infra on this

well above post is related to the powershell.
its just for example i included the link. so like wise this problem might be, its just my RnD.

I have run to this issue recently as well, my problem was resolved with Windows update.
Automatic updates were disabled for our VM and there were missing updates which allow TLS 1.2

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