Get Exchange Mail Messages - SMIME Signed Messages handling

Package UiPath.Mail.Activities 1.12.3

Hi, can you consider adding Signed / Encrypted messages handling in Get Exchange Mail Messages?
Currently saving attachments included in signed/encrypted message, using “Get Exchange Mail Messages” and “Save attachments”, result in a collection of “smime.p7m” files instead of attached files.


i think this is not the issue with Get exchange mail message activity. it is related to the outlook profile which is not considering the digitally signed docs so it is getting in the form of “smime.p7m” files. Could you please check the below link whether it help you to do some changes to your profile and see you are able to resolve the issue. Thanks.

Outlook activities are downloading valid attachments. I’m asking if Exchange activities can handle them as well

Are these both outlook and exchange activities are using same profile. please confirm.

You mean mail account? Yes, i’ve created a simple automation only to test behaviour of both “Get Outlook mail messages” and “Get Exchange Mail Messages” with the same mail account, run environment and so on.
Get Outlook Mail Messages allow for attachments download, Get Exchange Mail Messages downloads only smime.p7m files instead.

ok if both are using same account and credentials not sure why Get exchange mail messages activity not able to decrypt the attachment so it is coming in that format. i am not able to re produce this issue at my end. just thought from my side please change the Exchange version to latest in the get exchange mail message activity and try you are able to get the attachments in correct format.

And also some where i could see that set quarantine bad emails to No option to get the attachments in correct format from the exchange mail server. sharing my thoughts to help you on this. UiPath team @loginerror @Pablito please share your thoughts on this. thanks.

@krzysztof.szwed EWS API does not offer support for handling encrypted messages. For Outlook activities it works because Outlook application handles this, not the activities.

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