Get embedded images from Outlook and store them in a folder

Hello All,
I am trying to store the inline attachments from Emails. We have outlook client installed. The mail.body function does not bring the images that are embedded.

Our requirement is to store these embedded images into a folder using automation.

Can anyone please help on this?

Thank you!

Hi @sahisahildear,
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Have you tried Save Mail Message activity?

Thanks for responding. But wouldn’t that save the entire message? I only want the embedded images. I am able to get the images using “Save attachments” but I am not able to filter the outlook inbox to only those emails which have embedded images. So the robot is trying to save every email as if it has in-line attachments.

You could save all attachments and filter them with powershell like this:

Get-ChildItem -Path C:\attachments -Recurse -File | ? {`
$_.Extension -notlike ".jpg" -and `
$_.Extension -notlike ".jpeg" -and `
$_.Extension -notlike ".png" -and `
$_.Extension -notlike ".bmp"`
} | Remove-Item -Force

It will check mentioned path and remove everything which is not jpg, jpeg, png or bmp file.