Get email from Thunderbird

hey everyone, am just new in Uipath.

Anyways, I have a .mbox file. And I want to import this .mbox file in thunderbird. I want to know if is it possible for Uipath to read the mails from the .mbox file once the .mbox file is imported in Thunderbird? Is it possible if i use Get IMAP mail messages activity

Hi @Inigo_Suarez,
IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is the protocol which is used to receive message from mail server. This activity can be used only to get mails from mailbox, not from program where mails are imported locally.

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Importing local mail is not supported by UiPath beyond writing your own workflow to read data from the screen or message files. However, the mail activities that can be used will pull mail from the server where the mail was originally stored.


@Anthony_Humphries I see. I actually tried getting emails from thunderbird by: start process which is the thunderbird.exe, and then doing some type into activity once the thunderbird window is open. unfortunately the attach window and other click activities were throwing some warning saying that the browser is not supported. uipath somewhat doesn’t recognize the thunderbird window. anyways, i will try a work around, like using outlook

@Anthony_Humphries, here is the warning from uipath when I try indicating the window from the screen

You could try using image activities such as click image and others. This would be a work around if UiPath cannot recognize thunderbird selectors

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@Schirru Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Thanks i will try it out first before proceeding with another workaround i had in mind

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It looks like you’re using Attach Browser, but for Thunderbird you would need Attach Window.

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hey! so i tried both attach browser and window, but the warning is still the same. anyways, i have done what i needed to do, like, my workflow is already fine. the question now is, will there be a problem since there was a warning during the attach browser? like in the selectors or something?

although i tried it, but right now I am using keyboard hotkeys not clicks. thanks for the suggestion

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No problems! Happy that you made it! Happy coding! :slight_smile: