Get data in a proper format from html , innerhtml

Hi everybody!

Im trying to get address for person from this page(Generate a Random Name - Fake Name Generator)

And then separate it to
How ever i faced issue that, UiPath gets info not “correctly”
As you can see below: the last word in the name of the street is written together with the first word in the name of the city, so these two initial lines are glued into one, which makes it difficult to get the correct names of the street and the city

Will be glad any help!

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uncheck the parent id and check the aaname. remove the from and backside white spaces indicate it with the *. if you wants to get the zip

try like this:



please provide the example data with which one is the Zip,street,city and state from given data.


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@E6X Make the attribute as wild card. Please refer to the below post for wildcards

Now, lets check the output with the modified selector. Then we will see how to extract the zip, city etc based on the format

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@ushu and @THIRU_NANI Thank you for your feedback and support!
Im pretty shure you advices will help me in future)
I found good one solution for me:
I noticed in UI Explorer that “innerhtml” contains value "2094 Cardinal Lane “br uipath_custom_id=“46” Quincy, IL 62301
1)zip - 62301
2)street - 2094 Cardinal Lane
3)City - Quincy
4)State - IL
and "br uipath_custom_id=“46” is a separator
In that case it is easy to Split string and get all nessecary information(added url for beginners who are interested in operations with Strings) - How to manipulate a part of string: Split, Trim, Substring, Replace, Remove, Left, Right
I used “Get Attribute” Activity and get “innerhtml” attribute.(this idea i got from here -Data scrapping for getting Inner Html of a tag)

Thank you all, have a good day!