How to get data of likes or number of followers information from a web site into excel sheet

hello there,

i wanted to create a bot which opens a browser and login with given credentials and get data from a specific searched page (i.e: number of followers in a page and post’s which are posted in a particular page

can u explain how to perform such task

thanks in advance cheer’s

  1. Use open browser and give the URL
  2. Then type into activities to type password
  3. Use Get text activity to get the followers @Myshudhage

we have two activities which are
one in

  1. element
    1.get text

2.screen scraping
2.get full text

any suggestions which one to use @HareeshMR

@Myshudhage Use get text activity

Get text gives you the particular text at a specific are which you select at the time of recording, and the screen scraping will retrieve the entire text from the area which you selected whatever may be the data. Try using both in your case and choose the best one which gives you the best results @Myshudhage

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when i tried using it
but i get an error called UIelement not found after a while when i try to re run it

will try both and let u know in a while

@HareeshMR @indra thanks guys
cheers :smiley:

@Myshudhage Make selectors stable

can you suggest me how to do that i’m just replacing the element every time i get the error

@Myshudhage Use ui explorer and make selectors dynamic.

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thanks @indra will try and let u know if any changes happen in process :smiley:

hey @HareeshMR @indra i was trying to automate this particular bot yet i’m getting the same error repetitively can you help me out in this i have shared my main and screen shot as well

Main.xaml (80.5 KB)

can you let me know where i have gone wrong?

thanks in advance

@Myshudhage In the selector give title=*

i have given in this way can u let me know what i should change in it

thanks in adv @indra

@Myshudhage Give this title = ‘*| Linkedin’

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