Get Credential for 2 machines

I want to create process that will use ‘Get Credential’ as a single activity and be able to retrieve a certain credential in Orchestrator (choose 1 from 2 or more) depending on the machine/robot I am running it on. ex) run on machine 1, I want username/password to be “apple”; run on machine 2, I want username/password to be “banana”.
Basically want to know a way for the process to identify the machine it is running on.

Hi @aaron.billones,

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You can do this by typing Environment.MachineName in the Asset name field.

For this situation, you need to create a special asset for each machine name. While doing this, if you want to add a string expression after it, you should do it both in studio and in the assets area.



You should do this by using the built-in features of Orchestrator to give a different Asset response to different robots.

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