Get content from .Directory.GetFiles("Path")

Hello fellow robotic friends

As you can see in the attached pictures i’m looping through a directory that contains 4 .txt files.

This is where i read all my .txt files from the directory:

And i have 4 Matches-workflows that check different patterns for the text file and output that to a datatable and later on to an excel file.

So im assigning an argument that i use in the Matches-workflows to get the first, second, third etc. index of text files.

e.g. i have 4 text files and the first text file has the index of 0 → so i need my 4 Matches-workflows to go through this text file with the index of 0 and output that to a datatable.
When that is done it has to loop the second index(1) and continue the process until no more text files left in the directory.

I created an argument out_Index of int32 to count the number of times.
Then i assigned an argument that gets the number of text files i have in that directory.

This is one of my Matches-workflow where i use my regular expression:

With the second attached picture, i can only retrieve the path of the first text file in the index.

Now my question is:

  • How do i get the content of the text file? (i don’t want the path in my matches-workflow but rather the content so i can use regular expressions)

Thank you.

EDIT: This is the output when debugging (to illustrate my problem):

You can use “Read Text File” activity and take output in string variable, That string variable you can use in “is Match”

Thank you sir!

Your method did the trick :slight_smile:

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