Get color of text colored by CSS


My robot needs to look att the color of a text object in a html-table and see if it is red or not. However, this text is colored by the CSS styling, and I cannot figure out how to access that information.


As you can see it can be found by inspecting.

Thank you in advance!

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pls try below

  • use Get Attribute activity
  • indicate the element (text element where red/other color)
  • properties → input attribute type as “class” or “cls” and log the output variables with red & other color - there could a different in css style name for both…
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Thank you for answering!

The result I get is “Internet Explorer_Server”.

@Linnea_Bjorklund Did you get any answer or solution ? i am also looking for same.


have a look here as this custom library will support on this task: