Get Cell Color argument for each row iteration

Hello Guys I need to read cell color on each iteration from an for each row loop and I dont know what argument should I set to Get Cell Color. Thanks!

Hi @Ionut_Frincu
give the color variable and print the variable as ColorVar.Name.ToString

Ashwin S

Please check this post :

Hi @Ionut_Frincu

keep color output variable as system.drawing.color and when your passing that argument use .ToString


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Ok, I read this post, but what should I write in GET CELL COLOR argument in my case?

nothing set a variable and while you passing your variable add .tostring thats it

But what if I want to read ony one column from the excel?

I think you are not providing the dynamic part of cell position to read the cell color.

sorry, it’s my bad, i think you can try follow my example:
For each row : row in table
get cell color : “Your sheet” and row(“columnName”)
and create variable with type is color to store result of color.