Get attribute activity fetching alternate nodes on a legacy system screen

Hi, I am automating a legacy system where I have to select a form from one panel and move it to the other adjacent panel. I have performed the following series of steps:

  1. Find children Activity (Output Variable: List Child forms)
  2. Looped through the output (List Child Forms)
  3. for each form, get attribute to display the name
  4. Move the form

Now once the first form is moved, it fetches not the second form . but the third form from the list (Alternative)

First form fetched and moved:


Once the first form is moved, it fetched the third form and not the second


Is there a way we could alter the this logic so that it fetches the forms in sequential manner? Thanks!


If there is any I’d attribute involved for each of the row a in that form then we can include a counter variable with that attribute in selector and increment them one by one
So that it gets selected one after the another

Check with the selector of first row and see if there is any id or index attribute involved in it

Cheers @Ruchita_Patil

Hi @Palaniyappan ,

There is no ID attribute.

have you tried using activity accessibility framework to capture the elements instead? then the selector should have an associated row number/ index. Make sure to remove any names etc from the selector and only keep the index/row number

if so, you dont have to use find children activity, use fetch in a loop and use a counter to update the index/row# in the selector