Get Ancestor & Get Children Difference?

What is the difference between Get Ancestor and get children I’m confused because in the Get Ancestor activity it says uplevels, but in this automation I’m working on the Element that is passed to the get ancestor activity is actually above the element that get ancestor returns. So I thought that ancestor was to return elements that came before the given element, and get children is to return elements that are with in a parent element. Do I have it wrong? Can everyone explain this in great detail to me, how each one works in the hierarchy, and possibly give me some examples?

To my understanding:

Element 1 - Get Ancestor ^
\ Element 2 - Your currently selected element
\ \ Element 3 - Get Children v

Does this help show which direction they will pull? Perhaps if you are having issues then your selector for the main element you want to find ancestor/children of is not specific enough?