Example for Get ancestor acfctivity

Can anyone give the Sample workflow for get ancestor activity
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Kindly have a view on this that could add some insights to you on this topic

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I already seen that example,but i can not understand that.Could you please give me the another example.

May i know what error you were facing on using that activity buddy @Surya_123

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Actually i want the exact application(example) of that actitvity with the example.

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Here are few examples with XAMLs attachments that I have answered about ‘find children’ (similar to get ancestor which retrieves the main node) activity and how to leverage them in your projects.

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Links : Search results for 'find children user:raghavendraprasad' - UiPath Community Forum

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hi @Raghavendraprasad,
I did not find any example for get ancestor activity in the link you are provided in the previous

Well @Surya_123

i suppose you didn’t read my full answer, but here you go I created a get ancestor (which is similar to find children like I said) activity.

You need to open http://rpachallenge.com website and indicate any text field and you will get a ‘writeline’ output of the filed name ‘Label’ in your output panel.

Hope this is clear enough. FILE : GetAncestor.xaml (6.2 KB)

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PS : Get ancestor (literally like the name says) gets the previous main node of any element that you indicate and find children gets Child nodes/Descendants out of a parent node.