Get all the tags with the same name form an XML document

Hi, I´m trying to get all tags wich name is “Importe” and “ClaveProdServ” from an XML.
I´ve tried with activities:
-Read Text File
-Deserialize Xml
-Get Xml Nodes
-For each node in Xml Nodes where I tried to split the node where the tag “Importe” was found, works fine when It´s only one tag with that name but if there are several it doesn´t work.
Help please on how could I get all the tags named “Importe” and “ClaveProdServ”.
Example of the Xml:

Hi @Cruz_Becerril_Alliso

I recommend that use the XmlReader or XmlDocument to read XML data.
You can refer to the bellow snippets.
Get All Variable Definitions - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace
Get Total Number of Workflow Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace