Get all links href tag from web page

Hello Friends.
I try to read all links href attribute value using get attribute activity.But i getting only for single link href value and i have lot of try but not getting success.
So please help how i achieve it.

Hi @ Divyesh_Trambadia,

U can use dataCraping for that will give you all the link in seconds.

After scrap the the 1 and 2 fisrt line pic 2and option that is URLs and the use write CSV with scraping datatable to write all to your csv.

I have already try this .
but i getting on for text not its tag value.

Can you give me the link I can try and build you a workflow.

Hi @ Divyesh_Trambadia,

thats becouse scraping is not geting full link

After scrping you must use a for each row and user assing:

Link = “”+row(1).toString

and then use a navigate to with string Link

this will work

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Enjoy :slight_smile:
Maintest.xaml (9.8 KB)


Here you go, This process instead of using data scraper will loop through the child elements using Find children and subsequently looping through the descendants of the parent node.

Do any modifications as required. The href fromt he get attribute is what you are looking for.

Find the xaml here (8.1 KB)

Just Info: and apart from above comments it seems your links contains ‘&’ value so before using it for selector change the text to ‘&’ to ‘amps;’ then the link will also work

Thanks for all of you for supporting me and now i m able to find out all links url